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My photo Name: Vyacheslav Pestrozhukov

Birthplace: Russia, Siberia, Omsk city. I also live in Omsk now.

Date of birth: 07/26/1971

Marital status: single

Edication: Novosibirsk State University (1989-1993) mathematics, applied mathematics, but the specialization was in programming ("Problems of machine-sensitive carry in PC class" (assembler))

Computer experience: since 1986 Regional Medical Centre - programmer, the chief of computing branch
Industrial Pedagogical College - programmer

Languages: English (written technical)

The programming languages: MS Visual C++, MFC, Asm, Borland Pascal, Paradox, Delphi, C.

The working projects: The automated network time-table program. Universal test system for the Regional Medical Centre.

Interests: Realization of difficult scientific algorithms, the statistical analysis, artificial intelligence, recognition of the hand-written text.

Non-computer hobbies: reading, parapsychology, nature, TM.

E-mail: sense7@narod.ru

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